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New Leadership for Changing Times

Lifelong educator dedicated to enacting effective policies for all students.

      We are in a new era in education. Join Mike in this journey.

         "I have known Dr. Mike DeGuire since he was principal at McMeen Elementary School.

          He has been a remarkable school leader. Mike “gets it”, and he will use his skills and

          experience to ensure that DPS fulfills its mission to educate ALL students equitably.”

                       – Honorable Jeannie Kaplan, former DPS School Board Member

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Dr. Mike DeGuire taught elementary and middle school for twelve years in addition to serving in leadership roles. These leadership experiences have prepared him well to serve on the DPS board. He will use his skills and learned experience to address the urgent learning and well-being needs of students and staff.

  • Served as an elementary/middle school principal for 28 years

  • Managed million-dollar budgets in five schools

  • Hired, supervised, and mentored hundreds of effective educators

  • Trained reading teachers as a district reading coordinator for six years

  • Worked in four school districts and gained valuable, diverse insights

  • Coached over fifty principals and administrators in DPS and other states

  • Served as President of the Denver Association of School Administrators


The upcoming Denver School board election will help determine the vision for the future in DPS. With a new superintendent on board, and a responsibility to address growing student learning needs, DPS needs meaningful change so all students are motivated and supported to be the best they can be.



All students need to learn essential life skills to be fully prepared and informed for the future. They must know how to participate effectively as citizens in our democracy.

The current system of measuring student achievement and school quality is ineffective. It relies too heavily on standardized test scores that are narrow in scope and misleading. This test prep culture undermines the hard work educators do every day.

The existing funding system for local schools is inequitable, inadequate, and incapable of supporting the full range of students’ social-emotional and academic needs. 

As an experienced leader, Mike knows where the money needs to be spent-in the classroom. He will work with Board colleagues to establish policies so all students learn essential skills and develop the mindsets to lead their best lives.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

- Margaret Wheatley, Author, Turning to One Another

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